Anticipation and fear of coronavirus has turned cities across the world into little ‘ghost towns,’ driving people into their homes where they stockpile hand sanitizer and paper towels.

Coronavirus Triggers Our Fear of Death

At first glance, the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic seems to be caused by the obvious, survival-based sentiment we all share—“I don’t want to get SICK and SUFFER—or die!” Additionally, we fear for those we care about: “I don’t want people I know and love to suffer or die.

We must honor this fear. If we examine it honestly, it becomes apparent that it is ever-present and constantly nagging (pre-dating coronavirus), but is rarely audible in contrast to the layers and layers of dialogue occurring in the more superficial layers of our mind. With the help of Coronavirus, this fear is not in the background anymore—it’s loud and clear! Let’s honor this precious opportunity to engage with a part of ourselves that is typically buried deep under distractions. Thank you, coronavirus!

Aww, That’s sweet. Now How do I stop worrying?

actually, what if I don’t want to stop worrying? Everyone else is worrying…I need to stay cautious and informed. I need to know what’s going on. I need to protect myself.

First, don’t bully yourself for “giving in” to fear by worrying. Fear is our natural, biological reflex to the unknown, and you’re right—it’s impractical to expect yourself to suddenly feel differently about something, even if you’ve just been given new information. If we could just a flip a switch and change our feelings, we’d all be calm and collected right now. Rather than expect that from ourselves unrealistically, let’s simply lean away from the direction of panic and lean toward the direction of peace.

I’ll show you how.


It doesn’t require us to fall over, it merely asks that we shift our stance by A nearly imperceptible degree.

Our constructed personality (commonly referred to as our “ego”) is the product of our culture, our experiences, and our genetic makeup. It is constantly plagued by the worry of its own destruction; this is its natural state and not something to be concerned by. If you find that you are in a crisis of anxiety, this simply means that the ego is concerned for its preservation and well-being. This is the root of all worry, and it occurs when we’ve turned the volume of the ego up louder than the volume of our true essence. The ego is particularly resistant to Death Medicine, because any change threatens its familiar patterns. The ego wants to LIVE. To HAVE. To DOMINATE. That’s okay. It’s natural. We must simply disassociate from the ego and realize that it does not comprise the whole of who we are.

For the purpose of this exercise, consciously acknowledge that your ego is your inner child, not the entirety of your being. Even though it is a very intelligent and socially adept child, it is, nonetheless, a child—and a frightened one, at that!

To soothe it, we must remind it of the following universal truths.


Initial shock will always subside

One of the ways that coronavirus has paralyzed the consciousness of the public is by being newunknown, and SUDDEN. Seemingly coming from nowhere, it has appeared and brought with it a cloud of confusion, conflicting information, and fear mongering (a favorite money-making practice of the media!).

Fortunately, initial shock will always subside. What manifests as unknowndangerous, and unexpected inevitably becomes known, controlled, and anticipated. That is the nature of this universe: every extreme will become its opposite, in time.


No one can force you to act

It’s so deliciously easy to be swept up in the chaos of the group. When everyone acts, something inside of us LURCHES impulsively to be included in the moment; in the movement.

But no one is forcing you to act, nor can they ever. Be safe in the knowledge that, truly, you have all the time you need. Irrespective of the pressures you feel from society, your environment, your coworkers, your family, or even your country. Your autonomy is your own.

If you’re unsure of what to do (Should I travel? Should I lock myself in my home? Should I buy Costco out of its entire supply of toilet paper?) and are feeling strong pressures from the media and your community, take a moment to remember your autonomy and decide based on what feels safest to YOU. It is easy to outsource our intuition, but equally easy to reconnect to it at will.


You have clarity of mind right now

Whether coronavirus has touched (or is touching) you personally, or someone near you, you still have complete presence of mind now.

If you are able to read and understand these words, your cognitive ability is such that you have everything you need to be well. Future or past events are of no concern at this time, they are irrelevant until they have arrived.

You may use your current presence of mind to execute a to-do list that is absolutely relevant to the moment, if you must. If your to-do list is completed for the time being, the best thing you can do is use your mental clarity to engage in a personally meaningful occupation: something creative that you enjoy is ideal!

Revel in the knowledge that you can create and enjoy your life moment-by-moment—you do not owe the past or the future anything.


You are structurally and contextually supported

Fear has a fantastic way of making us feel completely and utterly alone. This is not the case, however. Aside from the entire, infinite universe residing within you at every moment, you also have many external resources that exist for the very purpose of supporting and serving YOU. To access them, all you need do is ask.

Structurally, your government, your healthcare system, your laws, your local officials, and your city are all working full-time for your benefit.

Contextually, your family, your friends, your neighbors, support groups, and members of your church or culture are simply waiting to assist in any way they can. You may even find support in inanimate resources, like books and blogs.

The key is that you ask. Even if it’s just verbalizing the words “I need help” out loud to an empty room. It is everywhere, waiting to be noticed.


Change creates growth

We can get caught up in the existential crisis of “why are we here?” on another day—today, let’s assume that it’s for the purpose of growth. In nature, everything grows. Uninhibited, it is likely that nature would cover the earth in lush, unchecked wilderness, until the planet itself morphed into something totally OTHER than what we know today.

The same is true for the nature within us.

Life is an uninhibited force that exists inside of us, balanced by the force of Death, which coexists quietly beside it. Every time Life throws a curveball at us, we are allowed to call forth the power of Death and adapt (grow) by making a change. This change made to our mindset, our belief system, and our lifestyle, then makes room for more life to spring up within us. It’s a powerful cycle designed to push us toward our infinite nature—a realization that is the direct product of death and change.

So, fear not. Death, in all forms, is naught but another beginning—a doorway that is opening to let more life through.

When standing apart from the ego’s grip, we can know, truly and deeply, that there is no such thing as a bad outcome. In fact, the “worse” an outcome appears to look, the greater the resulting growth will be when we survive it. Think back to any obstacle you have overcome in your life and know this to be true. And if we don’t survive it? If we slip into the wild unknown with nothing to hold on to but our beautiful, infinite, creative soul?


That might just be the beginning of the greatest adventure of all.

Peace, joy, and love unto you,


May you approach life and death in equal stride! 🖤

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