Why Death Medicine?

Because we’re obsessed with “life”

The term “medicine” in the context of Death Medicine originates largely from the Indigenous philosophy of natural balance within the universe. Indigenous philosophy considers every creature of the earth to possess a sort of medicine, each representing a unique energy that is required to provide balance to its environment.

“Death Medicine” honors this philosophy by classifying “death” as a symbol and energy of its own, not unlike Yin as described in Chinese philosophy. Like every energy, it has its opposite—in this case, life.

Death medicine seeks to provide a dose of quietude, surrender, release, and change to the areas where life has become unbalanced in our society, forcing us into patterns of obsession, clinging, domination, and attachment. In a world that is inadvertently killing itself by desperately trying to leave a mark, death medicine appears as the much needed remedy to our sickness—a master whose ultimate teaching is to “let go.”


Death is Rebirth

Any form of change requires something to die

When we create a new routine or habit, what happens to the old one? When we reflect upon the person we were five, ten, fifteen years ago, where do we suppose that person went? When we learn something new, what happens to the old belief that has just been obliterated by a fresh understanding?

We are experiencing death every day—any time that transformation and change occur in our reality. Occasionally, when you meet an old acquaintance, you might be shocked by how little they’ve “died” (or changed) since you last encountered them. Intuitively, we understand the connection between death and growth, and we are instinctively drawn to individuals who have powerfully integrated death into their lifestyle by constantly challenging themselves.

We are programmed culturally to feel uncomfortable at the idea of death. Death has been tainted by fear, particularly in modern Western society, where dying is viewed as the worst possible thing that can happen to a person—particularly one who hasn’t had the opportunity to “make their mark”. What does or doesn’t happen when the physical body dies is a conversation for another time, and not the main focus of Death Medicine. Instead, consider the possibility that death is a force you can harness every day, in a way that enhances and nourishes your life, making it more satisfying, fulfilling, and joyful.


Amanda Dollinger



You found me! ☺️

My name is Amanda, and I’ve been fascinated by the unseen realms for, well—ever! I was born with a keen insight into the non-physical dimensions (we all were!) and as the result of an unconventional upbringing, was nurtured toward developing it into adulthood.

You may call me your friendly neighborhood mystic, a kooky philosopher, a Yogi, a New Ager, a witch, a soothsayer, an Omnist or a monk, but these labels are all ultimately arbitrary and grossly limited. I identify as an infinite being in a beautiful human body, and I perceive you to be the same. I have committed to “writing the wisdom down,” or in other words, sharing the insights that help me live my life more joyfully each day.

My hope for this platform is that our ripples merge, and together, we make this world a little more peaceful, a little more loving, and a little more joyful.

Thank you for entering my universe. May we continue to integrate with our infinite nature every day! 🤍