Welcome, Friend

If we stop to consider it for a moment, all the hysteria caused in our daily experience is the result of one thing: a desperate clinging to life. Our society defines “life” very specifically: the more you have, the more you do and the more you achieve, the more you’re living. Our ability to share our lives online increases feelings of jealousy, FOMO (fear of missing out), inferiority, and loneliness. We have constructed a vision of life and then learned to desperately attach ourselves to it, thinking that if we hold on hard enough, we’ll eventually feel itwe’ll eventually feel alive. This type of clinging creates so much pain that, left unchecked, it can actually turn our lives into a living hell.

Inevitably, we spend so much of our energy trying to secure our agenda that we have none left to rejoice in the delicious perfection that is this present moment. We exhaust ourselves in the constant battle to keep up with the Joneses, never stopping to notice that they’re not happy, either! So, what’s to be done?

A little dose of death.

This thought exercise is NOT advocating that you harm yourself in any way; physically, mentally, or otherwise. Instead, it seeks to understand death as a balancing factor to our obsession with life.

Our obsession with life is killing us.

We know this to be true.

Think of the biggest challenge, obstacle, or stressor in your life right now, and notice how it is directly related to your desire to live on society’s terms. Our cultural need to leave our mark on something has had an utterly counterproductive effect on our world: instead of making us healthier, more balanced, more vital, and more joyful, it has left us drained, scattered, sick and depressed.

Death Medicine explores the notion of surrender. It seeks to “bring balance to the force” by introducing the Yin energy that has been so brutally ravaged and dismissed by imbalanced Yang.


By embracing our greatest fear—complete surrender, the release and dematerialization of everything that makes us, us—we can, for the first time, begin to feel true peace.


And true peace? That’s what Death Medicine is all about.

Death in Nature

In nature, Death nurtures Life.

When the body of an animal decomposes into the earth, the soil becomes fertile and rich, producing a harvest that sustains the life above it. After this plant matter has been eaten and digested, it returns to the earth lifeless, again serving the same purpose. When a fire rips through a forest, the ashes that remain will nourish the earth for a new forest. When frost kills off the blooms and green of the plants, it is merely to prepare them to flourish again in the spring. In nature, death is not just natural, it is essential.